Marlene Boersch


Marlene Boersch

Marlene Boersch has been actively involved the agriculture industry in Canada since 1983. She holds a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics and traded and exported Canadian commodities (including pulses) internationally for 20 years while working for Cargill Grain, XCAN Grain Ltd, and leading Berdex Canada Ltd.  

In 2003, Marlene co-founded Mercantile Consulting Venture with Anthony P. Temple, who she had worked with at Cargill. (Anthony served as Vice President of the Cargill Trading Group in Brazil and as Vice President and General Manager of Louis Dreyfus Commodities Canada Ltd). Mercantile is a professional services company specializing in private label market intelligence, risk management solutions, and project consulting. 

The company has grown to be active in Canada, Australia and the European Union. Learn more at 

Local supply and global demand: exploring the impacts of Canadian production and external forces on crop prices

Wednesday @ 8:30

This interactive session will provide an in depth market outlook on the major crops grown in Saskatchewan and the geopolitical forces that impact pricing locally. The speakers will alternate through cereals, pulses, and oilseeds, spending some time giving feedback to each other during the session. They will entertain questions from growers and give some context to the crop markets growers will be facing in the 2020 growing season.

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