Sara Shymko


Sara Shymko is the Executive Director of Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan and is passionate about creating opportunities for young people to have meaningful experiences with food, farmers and agriculture. She was raised on a mixed farm near Jasmin, Saskatchewan and still returns to the farm to help out as often as possible. Sara is a graduate from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics. Before joining AITC-SK, she was fortunate to have the opportunity to live and work in Uganda and Australia. Sara is the proud mother of two lovely, high spirited daughters, Alexandra and Jordyn, and is delighted they share her love of gardening and football!

Building Public Trust with Consumers

What happens as public trust in agriculture erodes? How could this affect you, or is it already affecting you? What do Canadian consumers really think about farmers and farming practices? Understand what Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan is doing to build public trust with Saskatchewan and Canadian consumers and what you can do to help.

Moderated by: Dale Leftwich
Panelists: Clinton Monchuk, Sara Shymko, Debbie Bailey

Tuesday @2:30 in Gallery D