Gregory Sekulic


Gregory Sekulic has been an agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada since spring 2011. Prior to that, Gregory spent 10 years in the Edmonton area as a field agronomist, working with top producers in the black soil zone. Gregory obtained his BSc in Agriculture, Crop Science, from the U of A in 2001. Throughout his career, Gregory has been an advocate for soil and water conservation, as well as sustainable agricultural production with a special interest in beneficial insect ecology. For the last six years, Gregory has led the Canola Council’s efforts towards pollinator protection and promoting biodiversity in canola cropping systems. 

Presentation: Cropping Practices to Improve your Bottom Line & Ecological Footprint

Extensive, short-rotation cropping systems are increasing under scrutiny by ecologists, environmentalists, policy makers, and the public at large. However, there are many ways to integrate agricultural production with the environment, for the mutual benefit of thousands of insect and animal species found in and around cropland, and the farmer’s bottom line.      

Tuesday @ 3:45 in Gallery C

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