Drew Sharp


Drew Sharp is a Barley Account Representative at Rahr Malting Canada. He deals directly with farmers to purchase barley for the malting process. In 2019 he will purchase enough barley from Alberta and Saskatchewan to produce ~1.5 billion bottles of beer. Drew has a keen interest in the downstream impacts a farmer’s agronomic decisions have on the maltster, brewer, and consumer. A recent pet project of Drews involves overlying growing season precipitation maps with barley quality and agronomic data from the 200+ producers Rahr works with. Drew holds a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy from the University of Saskatchewan and is a registered Agrologist in Training with the Alberta Institute of Agrologists.   

Grow Better Malting Barley

This session will provide insight into what maltsters look for in malting barley, including specific specs, and will discuss how farmers can better grow crops to meet these specs, as well as some of the most common reasons malting barley gets rejected.  

Tuesday @ 10:15 in Gallery C

Panel: Feed Barley Forum

What does current demand for barley look like globally? And what will it look like going forward? These are some of the questions that will be addressed by this panel of experts, designed to bring you a 360-perspective on the world of barley demand. 

Featuring: Kenric Exner, Drew Sharp, Derek Squair  

Tuesday @ 11:25 in Gallery A

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