Corey Loessin


Corey Loessin operates a 3000 acre grain farm in NW Sask with his wife, Joan Heath, and their adult children. They grow peas, lentils and fababean on 25% of their acreage rotating with canola, wheat and barley.

Their farm is totally committed to soil conservation and soil health. They have been zero-til producers for many years and continue to employ all the technology they can to improve soil health. After completing his B.S.A. in 1986, Corey worked in Alberta as a District Agriculturist and spent 12 years as a crop science lecturer at the U of S and has farmed full time since 1991.

He is currently Chair of the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers board and is a director on the Pulse Canada board. Corey has been very active on market access issues and has roles on two committees dealing with Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs). Hs is also the western pulse appointee to the WGRF board.