Peter Johnson


New record wheat yields! The world record of 246 bu/ac in England, a new provincial record in Ontario, new all-time high wheat yields for some growers in Western Canada. Can Western Canadian growers apply these techniques?

The strategy: set up for high yields, without betting the farm on getting that moisture, but still have the opportunity to go MAXIMUM if the rains come.

Peter is an agronomist for that loves to talk wheat! His weekly update, “Wheat Pete’s Word”, gives timely tips and answers to questions that growers ask. He is also the lead research agronomist with Veritas, an independent crop scouting/advisory company in Ontario. Strip tillage, phosphorus management, and big data analysis are the current focus in this effort.

Peter is a University of Guelph graduate where he received a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Agriculture. He and his family operate a farm near Lucan, Ontario.