Helen Baulch


Dr Helen Baulch works on issues of water sustainability in Canada – with a focus on understanding the consequences of nutrient pollution and addressing the effectiveness of potential solutions.

Her recent work has looked at the effectiveness of landowner driven programs, such as the installation of headwater dams, to reduce nutrient transport and flood risk.  

She received her training at the University of Waterloo (BSc Biology), University of Alberta (MSc Biological Sciences) and Trent University (PhD, Environmental and Life Sciences) before pursuing postdoctoral research at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  She has received multiple awards, including a Governor General’s academic gold medal.  Her earliest training though, was growing up spending summers on the lake, catching bugs, and watching the ecosystem change.

Helen works within the Global Institute for Water Security.  This institute, based at the University of Saskatchewan, tackles research to protect and enhance water security – safeguarding against water-related hazards, and conserving the services provided by water, upon which we all rely.

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